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I use and trust Pure Body and Pure Body Extra Strength for my family. The Pure Body drops are a great daily detox. I used the Extra Strength spray on my son to help reduce his heavy metal toxicity. His levels decreased significantly just after 4 months of using a combination of the spray and drops. 


Pure Body

A natural way to keep your body free of toxins.

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ake up feeling refreshed, with clear focus, and energy to sustain you throughout your day when you detox and bring your body back into balance.*Why detox? No matter how hard you try to minimize your exposure to chemicals and toxins, they keep showing up in our bodies—things like mercury, lead, cadmium and plastic byproducts— simply because they are everywhere in our environment, and the damage they do isn’t pretty.Fortunately, nature provides protection against many of the toxic elements we encounter every day. The zeolite clinoptilolite—a negatively-charged mineral—works like a magnet, attracting positively-charged toxins, safely and gently carrying them out of the body within hours.*. 

Clinoptilolite Zeolite:

  • Research shows it selectively binds to toxins including mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, radioactive particles and volatile organic compounds.
  • Extensively studied (
  • Granted GRAS status by the FDA
    (Generally Recognized as Safe).
  • Helps to balance the body’s pH, considered essential for good health.
  • Acts like a magnet to attract and trap heavy metals and positively-charged toxins in and onto its crystalline structure.

Doctor Recommended:

“ While there are many zeolite products on the market today,one in particular meets the rigorous standards medical professionals seek—Pure Body.”
—Alex Lee, M.D. Board Certified Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology

Pure Body Extra Strength

Clean out the chemicals, make room for healthy!

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he number one source of health and vitality doesn’t come from pills or prescriptions; it comes from within. Every minute of every day, your body heals, repairs, and regenerates you from the inside out. Yet everyday exposure to heavy metals and toxins builds up, and blocks your body’s natural abilities. Breakthrough sound wave technology creates the world’s first colloidal zeolite. Touchstone’s Pure Body Extra Strength colloidal zeolite helps clean out the chemicals from the body—with an easy-to-use spray —so you can make room for healthy in your life.*. 

Doctor Recommended:

“ Detoxification is the cornerstone of anti-aging medicine and a preventive measure to chronic medical challenges for all ages. I recommend Pure Body as a safe, natural and non-invasive way to systemically detoxify heavy metals.”
—Maria Sulindro, M.D. ABAAM, Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine

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